Noelle Jordan Stillman is a teaching artist based in Tampa Bay, FL. 

Artist Statement: 2018

     My work functions deeply in the tradition of artist as civil servant, historian, and cultural ethnographer. I engage in an ongoing cycle of research, creation, and teaching to consistently motivate, inspire, and cultivate voice for our public through the arts. Seeking the paths that connect our diversity of American communities, from local to national,  sub-cultural and ecological, I discover the facets of what make our cultures unique, while still finding solidarity in the common experience of living beings. These discoveries create a rich, unique narrative that drives my creative process and allows me to act as ethnographic storyteller.

     The merging of these schools of thought is work that seeks to create universal language within semiotics, and makes way for the final stage within my practice of teaching. The beauty of interdisciplinary arts is found in variable forms- indoor or outdoor, archival prints or public installation, books or banners, as an independent creator or facilitating a community through social engagement- bringing forth universal experience and allowing individuals to find empathy within aesthetics. The different avenues that my work takes shape provide fertile ground within equity, and allows me to meet audiences where they may be.

     These happenstances provide others with a breach from their daily routine, an occurrence that we only long for within the deep dreams of our mundane tracks. By orchestrating intentional deviations in the everyday, a divergence is created from the societal static. And in these moments, we return to the roots of a common humanity. 


© 2019 Noelle Jordan Stillman